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What sets us apart


Typically, lead generation companies tend to operate in silos, providing services around their core capabilities, for example; data or analytics or telemarketing or digital or social media. We believe that all of these specialisms are integral to the core offerings of a lead generation function, and we provide cohesive, demonstrable class-leading capability in all of these areas to give our clients fully integrated, intelligent, real-time solutions. However, what differentiates us above and beyond base service provision, is a strategic capability that maps our investment in technology, compliance and people, directly onto our clients business objectives.

Here’s how these three key pillars differentiate our approach:

  1. A technology and data focus, to integrate sales and marketing initiatives

Having developed our technology platforms to operationalise digital, data and telephony communications, we are capable of reacting to market and individual prospect demands, with real-time solutions. Our technology means we can be exceptionally agile, and respond to the demands of sales teams and marketing teams immediately. Our data management capability drives activity in all channels and by utilising third party data sources, web tracking tools and social media monitoring, we are uniquely placed to create and implement marketing content directly into the sales environment, to improve campaign efficiency and performance.

  1. A compliant and legal framework aligned to our clients operational requirements

Data security, privacy and process hygiene are vital to legal and operational requirements as we move into the GDPR environment, implemented by the Information Commissioner’s Office on 25TH May 2018. Methodology has invested significantly in it’s own internal process by undertaking certification for ISO27001 (Information Security Management Systems) to ensure the highest levels of data security, certified to international standards. We have our own GDPR compliance statement to govern our data and technology platforms and invest in ongoing ISO compliance year-on-year. This has taken considerable resource but is a commitment to our clients that they can expect process, technology and strategy of the highest standards.

  1. Investment in our people means we can achieve better performance ratios with less resource

What also sets us apart from traditional lead generation is the quality of our people. Our core Channel Managers are trained to speak 3 different business languages; telephony sales, digital briefing and data reporting. This calibre of person is recruited carefully and trained extensively to meet exacting standards, which are constantly reviewed (monthly) and upheld as part of our ISO27001 commitment.

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